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Indal has obtained trust and reputation as the supplier of  internationally accepted quality aluminium profiles for solar frames and solar mounting systems. 

By consolidating the integrated facilities of extrusion and fabrication, Indal can deliver cost efficiency, reliable quality and flexible production time to its customers in order to meet the budget and schedule of the solar installation projects.  Currently Indal supplies aluminium frames and mounting profiles for the manufacturers of solar panel and solar mounting systems in USA, Canada and Australia.


Supply solutions for PV Module manufacturers: Indal provides cost effective and flexible production with fully automatic fabrication machines. 

The aluminium solar frames are manufactured from high quality aluminium extrusions and anodized coating, and further fabricated with precise cutting up to ±0.3 mm to ensure tight-fitting assembly and durability.

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Made of high quality aluminium alloy, Indal is able to manufacture and supply various shapes of aluminium profiles for solar mounting application that come with a performance warranty of the industry standards.

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Curtain Wall

A curtain wall system is an outer covering of a building in which the outer walls are non-structural, but merely keep the weather out and the occupants in. As the curtain wall is non-structural it can be made of a lightweight material reducing construction costs.

Curtain Wall Systems are typically designed with extruded aluminum members, although the first curtain walls were made of steel. The aluminium frame is typically infilled with glass, which provides an architecturally pleasing building, as well as benefits such as daylighting.


providing you the best range of Aluminium Doors And Gates such as Aluminum Sliding Door,Aluminum Frameless Door,Aluminum Hinge Door, and Aluminum Swing Door.


  • High quality aluminum door system designed for residential and comercial buildings.
  • Wide variety of aluminum door systems for client to choose.
  • Muti-functional designs to exceed individual requirement regarding thermal insulation, acoustic insulation,water tightness,security,etc.


Providing you the best range of Aluminium Windows such as Aluminum Casement window, Aluminum Pivot Window, Aluminum Sliding Window, Aluminium Top Hung Window, and Aluminum Turn Tilt Window.

Composite Panel

ALUCLAD is a product of science, technology and art with various choice of colors and specifications. Its strength, superb quality and colorful choice are suitable for High Rise Building, Residential, Studio, Outlet, and many other usages.

The Creator behind this remarkable product have extracted and combined all their “know how”, experience, effort and use only the latest technology that Modern Industries have to offer to develop this revolutionary composite panel.


Heat Sink

IH Series

Solder-able heat sink for PCB, excellent extrude-ability, light weight, higher heat dissipation.

Insert Fin Base

Heat sink assembly that includes base and fin. It is available in limited range and designed to satisfy the need for thermal resistance.

Custom Design

Heat sink with profile and machining designed according to customer's requirements.


Precision Part

Precision parts are designed according to customer's requirement with the support of hi-tech machining. They can be used for various purposes such as:

  • Plotter part
  • Machine part
  • Trolley part

Household Ladder

Indal manufactures wide range of aluminium ladders for domestic / occasional use with load rating of 100 kg. These ladders offer some advantages such as light-weight, compact size from slim line designs to platform ladders and artistic appearance. They are also built strong, easy to use, safe, attractive and economical.


Tradesman Ladder

Sufficient for general purpose applications, designed to stand 120 kg of work load and it comes in two different material; Aluminium and Fiberglas.

Heavy Duty Industrial Ladder

Designed for extreme conditions, stood up to 150 kg of work load and comes in two different material; Aluminium and Fiberglas.



Various work platform for use on ladder jacks, trestle ladders scaffold and walkway application.

Level Arcs

PT. Indal Aluminium Industry remains committed to researching and upgrading its manufacturing practices and product offering. The current addition to Indal's innovative product range is the “Level Arc”, a self leveling device that allows ladder to automatically locks in level position when used on uneven ground. Being a standard component, it enhances the safety and convenience of our professional extension ladders.
Made from light weight structural aluminium, it provides stable platform on uneven ground. Simply by allowing the weight of ladder to drop, the ladder remains secured once positioned, no locking required.

Features :

  • Wide anti slip base provides added supports & stability
  • Light weight yet robust aluminium construction
  • Fully automatic positioning
  • No locking required - ladder remains secured once positioned
  • Can be used as leveling accessory on many others established products


Water Tank

Stainless steel water tank is compatible to use in high rise building such as hotels, restaurants, universities, apartments and hospitals etc. This stainless steel water tank is available in two options; with stand & without stand.



Indal manufactures high quality aluminium profiles for various parts of transportation, such as body frames and window frames of vans, trucks and other commercial vehicles, etc.

Furniture & Interior Decoration

Indal manufactures aluminium-extruded products which are widely installed in the office room partitions together with other material (glass, gypsum board, etc). Indal also fabricates aluminium frames for showcases, picture frames, signage profiles, customized chair and table.


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