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On December 5, 1994, INAI conducted an initial public offering of 13,200,000 shares listed on the Surabaya Stock Exchange and the Jakarta Stock Exchange (now the Indonesia Stock Exchange / IDX). On the same day, 30,800,000 founding shares were listed with a nominal value of IDR 1,000 per share.
Next on January 29, 1996, a 1:2 share was split from total of 44,000,000 shares to 88,000,000 shares listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. From the initial Rp.1,000 per share, it was divided into Rp.500 Continuing the distribution of bonus shares on February 26, 1996 totaling 70,400,000 shares so that the total number of shares listed on the IDX up to the end of 2013 was 158,400,000 shares.
In 2014, INAI carried out corporate action in the form of splitting the nominal value of shares (stock split) from the beginning Rp.500 per share divided into Rp.250 per share, hence effective February 12, 2014 the number of shares of the Company is 316,800,000 shares which are also listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.
Most recently, there was a split of the nominal value of the Company’s shares (stock split) which began to effective on the stock exchange on October 26, 2017 at a ratio of 1:2, so that the nominal value of the shares is currently Rp. 250 per share to Rp. 125 per share, and the number of shares of the Company 316,800,000 changed to 633,600,000

Capital Market Supporting Institutions and/or Professionals

  1. Paul Hadiwinata, Hidajat, Arsono, Retno, Palilingan & Partners as Independent Auditors of INAI Financial Statements, with a total fee of around Rp.235,000,000 for the assignment of General Audit of Financial Statements as of December 31, 2020.

  2. PT Adimitra Jasa Korpora as an INAI supporting securities administration bureau with a total fee of around Rp.22,000,000 for the assignment period of 2020.

Award / reputation obtained by PT Indal Aluminum Industry Tbk in 2018

Obtained Accreditation Certification from the National Accreditation Committee for Testing Laboratories and Calibration Laboratories for the period 27 February 2019 – 26 February 2023.

Received a Certificate of Approval ISO 9001:2015 from PT Lloyd's Register Indonesia for a validity period until January 23, 2023.

Obtained a BLUE PROPER rating in the company's performance appraisal program in environmental management of Kementerian Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan Republik Indonesia ( Ministry of Environment and Forestry) for 2019-2020 period.

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