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Extrusion Press Lines

Extrusion Press Lines

- 1 unit of 700 MT Press Machine
- 2 unit of 1100 MT Press Machine
- 1 unit of 1200 MT Press Machine
- 2 unit of 2000 MT Press Machine
- 1 unit of 2750 MT Press Machine
- Double Puller
- Quick Induction Pre-Heater
- Hot Log Shear
- Auto Stacker

Extrusion Presses Capacities

Extrusion Presses Capacities

Indal is constantly upgrading its aluminium extrusion presses capacities and auxiliary equipments to enhance its capability of producing aluminium extrusion sections and to meet the ever increasing customer's requirement. Equipped with 7 NOS, our extrusion line is able to cater majority of customer's requirements and able to have maximum extruded length up to 16 meter. Therefore it would sum up to 20,000 MT of production capacity per year.

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